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Female caregiver poring tea with two seniors

Sponsored by: All Smiles Adult Day Care Center, specializing in Caring for Seniors with Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Adult Day Care is becoming increasingly popular for families wanting to have their loved ones at home while maintaining their usual lifestyle. As a caregiver, you are not limited to only in home care or assisted living care. Adult Day Care allows a caregiver to have daytime respite to either rest, work or complete day-to-day duties that may otherwise be difficult to do while caregiving. Day Care also provides participants with a safe and secure environment to enjoy socializing, interacting and participating in activities with others in similar situations. Caregiving requires 24 hour care, Day Care can help you and the participant maintain a certain level of independence while also giving the option to stay home.

Choosing an Adult Day Care can be challenging. Every Day Care is different in the programs, activities and level of All Smiles Bannercare they offer. Some families look for a larger center that has different ways of structuring the day, whereas other centers are smaller and more Alzheimer oriented with the same structure as the larger groups but offers the flexibility for the participant to do what they would prefer if they do not want to participate.

When choosing an Adult Day Care center you want to make sure you know what it is that you would expect from this type of service. For some families it is the social interaction, for others it may be a secure facility and for some people, they may require more assistance and a facility that allows for walkers, wheelchair and incontinent care. Some Adult Day Care are strictly social, some medical and others are Alzheimer specialized.

Whichever choice you make when deciding which center best suits your needs it is important to ensure that the activity calendar or backup activities are made to suit the needs of your love one, whether they participate or not. Often times a participant may not be able to follow alone, however having the ability to watch, laugh and have a trained staff member assist and guide them with the activity can bring them just as much happiness!

Adult Day Cares in Florida have a very stringent licensing process. It is important to ensure the facility is licensed with the Agency for Health Care Administration and that the license is clearly posted, valid and up to date.

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