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Ways to Make Your Senior Community Residence Comfortable When Moving In

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By Brooke Chaplan

The decision to move into a senior community is never easy, but it does not have to be an uncomfortable experience. In fact, there are many ways to make your new place feel like home. Here are five ways to bring comfort to your new residence.

Personal Decor

You can start by bringing your personal decor to your nursing home. This includes family portraits, favorite knick-knacks, and cozy throw pillows. You may even want to bring a few homemade pieces from over the years, from blankets to shadow boxes. Of course, you may want to display a gift from a loved one. Adding your personal decor is a great way to make your new space feel like your own.

Familiar Bedding

Why sleep in a completely unfamiliar bed when you can use your bedding? Bring your favorite comforter, throw blankets, and pillows from home. This way, it feels like you are still sleeping in your own bed. You can also think of this as another way to add your personal decor to your bedroom, especially if you have bedding in various colors or designs.

Pleasant Scents

If you are worried about your place smelling like a nursing home or hospital, you can always add scents that help you to feel happy and relaxed. Scented candles are always a great idea, or you can avoid the flame by opting for wax warmers and room sprays. All of these products come in a range of scents to create a pleasant environment right inside your residence.

Opening The Curtains

There is nothing like natural light to brighten your space. When you first move into your senior community, open the curtains to let the natural light flow through your unit. If the weather is nice enough, you can always open a window to let in some fresh air. Natural light and fresh air can improve your mood and mental health, and you can even add in a few houseplants to enhance the natural vibe.

Working HVAC

Your physical comfort is just as important as your mental and emotional comfort, so you want to ensure your space is always pleasant. For example, your HVAC should be working properly to keep your area in a comfortable climate. If need be, a professional can be called for heating or air conditioning repair services. All you need to do is let the staff know that your HVAC is not working properly.


With the above tips, you can easily add comfort and coziness to your new home. These tips will help make the move a little more comfortable.

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