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Ways to Make Moving Into a Retirement Community Easy for the Whole Family

Senior couple embracing on a sofa and looking at a tabletBy Brooke Chaplan 

Moving your senior loved one into a retirement community can be a highly stressful event for them and your entire family. The different environment, unknown residents, and actual moving process can be very emotional. However, with planning and helpful tips, including those mentioned below, the event can be less stressful and more fun and relaxing for everyone involved.

Start Small

Instead of packing every room away at once, it would be a good idea to have patience and go through the belongings no more than twenty to thirty minutes daily. Starting small could make this stage less dreadful for your elderly parent and their family members. Setting deadlines and holding each family member accountable for that specific task is an excellent idea. By starting small and putting deadlines in place, everyone can help your senior loved one pack more confidently. Keep in mind that packing away decades of memories will take more than a day or even a week; therefore, be realistic with the time frame.

Hire Professionals

A moving company can get your elderly loved one into a retirement community safely without all the hassle and fear of leaving something or dropping and breaking essential items. Professionals will go over the process, from boxing and packing to loading and unloading the truck, and repeating the steps in a different order, once at the retirement community. Due to the additional help, you and your family do not need to worry about the move; instead, you all can concentrate on other essential steps.

Set Time Aside for Handling Documentation and Essential Transfers

Prescriptions are often a crucial aspect of your loved one’s moving event. Therefore, it is best to set aside time to sort through their medications and transfer the prescriptions to pharmacies near the retirement home instead of keeping them local if the distance is too far. This can prevent anxiety and make it easier to ensure the medication will be where your loved one needs it to be when it’s time. You should keep necessary documentation separate from other items to avoid tossing out vital information while packing and moving. This includes medical paperwork, birth certificates, power of attorney documentation, and more.

Recreate a Home-Like Feeling

When seniors have familiarity with the retirement community they are moving into, it can make a move more enjoyable and less stressful. They will sense some of the settings they are leaving behind, lowering their odds of anxiety and other negative emotions. You can create a home-like feeling by bringing photos from your senior loved one’s home, in addition to blankets, rugs, devices, and more. Always ask the retirement community what is permitted instead of bringing a personal belonging that your loved one will need to toss away.


These tips could help ensure your loved one has a comfortable moving experience when going into a retirement community. Work hard to ensure personal items are correctly transferred, and develop a visiting schedule that you and other family members can commit to during this transition and in the long term.


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