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Should You Get Your Elderly Parent A Mobility Scooter?

Senior woman riding a blue mobility scooter

By Anica Oaks

After your parent spent a large portion of their life taking care of you, it’s now your turn as your parent starts to get older. Unfortunately, getting older often brings with it a lessened ability to do the things a person could do when they were younger. If your parent now has trouble walking, standing for long periods of time, needs personal assistance or has other physical limitations, a mobility scooter may be the answer. Should you get your elderly parent a mobility scooter? Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Portable and Convenient

If your parent was always active in their younger days but now find themselves having to stay home more often, a mobility scooter can get them back into doing the things they love. Very portable and easy to operate, mobility scooters are much more convenient to use than many people imagine. Before you know it, your elderly parent will be able to spend time at a park, go shopping with you, and much more.

Very Affordable

As the elderly population continues to grow, there has been an increasing demand for mobility scooters within the past several years. As a result of more companies entering the industry, prices have dropped substantially. If costs were holding you back, don’t let it. In fact, many insurance plans will cover the costs of these scooters.

Improved Quality of Life

As your parent has aged, their quality of life may have diminished. When mobility becomes an issue, the result is often isolation from friends and family, missing out on birthday celebrations and other special occasions, and much more. If you choose to get a scooter for your parent, you will immediately be giving them an improved quality of life. Instead of having to be pushed around while sitting in a wheelchair, your parent will regain mobility and dignity with their own scooter.

Comfortable and Stylish

Since your parent will be sitting in their scooter quite a bit, today’s modern mobility scooters are made to be extremely comfortable as well as quite stylish. In fact, they can often be customized to be an exact fit for customers. This, along with coming in a variety of bold colors, will have your parent eager to show off their scooter to friends and family.

Made to go as far as 25 miles on a single electrical charge, investing in a mobility scooter for your elderly parent will be a decision you won’t regret. Once you see the smile on their face and renewed enthusiasm for life, you’ll only wish you would have done it sooner.


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