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When people reach a certain age going up and down stairs can start to become difficult and uncomfortable so many traditionally opt to have a stairlift installed.

But there is a much more modern solution that provides easy access between floors in the home,“ a home elevator.

An elevator product which has been specifically designed for residential use have been around for a few years and may be perceived as being out of many people’s budgets or a luxury purchase item.

However, the range of home elevators manufactured by Stiltz offer a surprisingly affordable alternative to a stairlift and there are many advantages too.

Some homeowners put off installing a stairlift because it can ruin the appearance of the focal point of the home and they do not wish to have a rather large piece of machinery stuck on the stairs.

But unlike a stairlift, with a Stiltz Home Elevator you dictate where it goes in your home. Totally unique to the residential elevator market, this type of elevator lift can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

This is because the elevator does not require hydraulics and simply plugs straight into the wall using a 110v or 220v power socket and travels on a unique the twin rail system that resemble stilts,“ hence the name,“ with no structural wall required.

Stiltz offer two types of lift, the Stiltz Duo Elevator and Stiltz Trio Elevator wheelchair lift. The Duo has a footprint of less than seven square feet and, unlike a stairlift, can carry two people comfortably instead of one and the Trio,“ with a footprint of less than 13.5 square feet that can accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

Typically, the residential elevator will be installed between a downstairs room, such as a hallway, study, or family room and arrive upstairs in a bedroom or on the landing.

It is possible for the user to enter on one side of the lift on ground level and leave from the other side on the first floor. The Stiltz Home Elevator is also spacious but compact enough that they can often be fitted in a closet on both floors too so the options are virtually limitless.

Standard features include a remote control to call the lift from any floor, a battery back-up, full height light curtain, full or half height doors, obstruction safety sensors, and the roof of the lift is covered with the original flooring so when the lift is downstairs it does not intrude upstairs.

So it is out with the old stairlift and in with the new home elevator that really does let you take control.

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