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How to Feel More United With Your Family in Grief Through a Pandemic

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One of the sad realities of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the limitations placed on funeral services. As if losing a loved one isn’t enough, now you have to essentially grieve alone. In the midst of this sadness and frustration, though, there is a glimmer of hope: unique and inspiring ways to feel more united with your family in grief.

Share Memories
When a loved one is gone, one of the best ways to honor them is to share memories of the loved one with your family. You can create an online repository to allow family members to post thoughts, pictures, videos, and other memories so that you can all remember the wonderful years you got to spend with your loved one. This will help you keep your mind busy and give you something to look back on as the years pass.

Watch the Funeral Service at the Same Time
One of the most important ways to share grief as a family is to participate in the funeral service in some way. That’s why it’s important to choose a funeral home that offers broadcast funeral services so that you and your family can watch the service together. This will help you close this chapter in your life so that you can grieve in a healthy way.

Spend Time on the Phone or on Video Chat
Togetherness is absolutely crucial to help deal with grief during a pandemic. Since you can’t be together in person, it’s important to make a concerted effort to talk to your family members on the phone or through a video chat. This time spent talking together will be therapeutic for everyone as you share memories, catch up on each other’s lives, and share what you’re dealing with so that others can help.

Make Future Plans
As difficult as it can be to think about the future in the midst of grief, making future plans can actually be a way to get your mind off of what you’re going through. Talking with family members and saying something like, “when it’s safe to get together again, let’s all go on a beach trip together,” can give you all something to look forward to so that you have the will to keep going day by day.

As you grieve the loss of a loved one, it’s okay to cry. Don’t try to hold in your emotions since that could cause you to become depressed. There is nothing wrong with feeling intense emotions while you grieve, and being honest about those emotions is the best way to deal with them.

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