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Our Educational Webinars are just another service that we provide not only to our clients, but other professionals in the senior housing and resource industry. We take pride in finding and sharing topics that provide you with an educational edge, inspire you and connect you to resources with the goal to make your jobs and daily life easier. If you enjoy our Webinars and are not currently  on our invitation list, please email to be added for future webinar invites.

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Nutrition and Social Determinants of Health

We discuss the Social Determinants of Health, define food insecurity and its relationship to those social determinants. Stacey shares the impacts of food insecurity to the US healthcare system and various nutrition and solutions available. Stacey Silver, RDN, LDN, Manager Healthcare Partnerships from Mom’s Meals is our panelist.

Recognizing Hoarding in Seniors: Helping with Compassion

Hoarding has become an epidemic in the United States and is even more problematic with seniors. While those numbers continue to grow, we discuss how to recognize when hoarding begins and the why’s of hoarding specifically to seniors. There are many reasons that a senior may begin to have a tendency to hoard. We will address the different types of hoarding and how to compassionately address the hoarding. We are joined by Ann Meyerson, who has a PhD in educational leadership and is a trained counselor and Real Estate professional who specializes in working with seniors that have hoarder homes.

Medicare 101 with the US Social Security Administration – Taking a Deeper Dive

Jump into the deep end with Liz Odhwani from the US Social Security Administration. We will dig into what’s new with Medicare, applying for Medicare, eligibility, “The Extra Help” program, prescription drug cost program and so much more!

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefit-The Hidden Secret

There is a little-known earned benefit for all wartime veterans and their spouses.
Learn what it is, who qualifies for it and why it is important to you. We are joined by Joe Solsona with the National Association of Veterans & Families/

The Covid Effects on Rehab

Join’s guest panelist, Adrianne Cordero. Adrianne deep dives into how nursing homes have changed dramatically over the last past several decades. These changes have been driven by government regulations, consumer needs and wants, but also some of the biggest changes are becoming known as “The Covid Effect”. She will share what is important to know for you to be better advocates for your patients, residents and clients.

Color, Light, & Scent: New Pathways to Dementia Care

An overview of somatic influences and their impacts on a person with dementia. Simple techniques and ideas to use improve quality of life that trigger reactions and greater success as a caregiver. Presented by: Joshua J Freitas, an award-winning memory care program developer, researcher and author.

Joshua J. Freitas is an award-winning memory care program developer, researcher, and author. His care and training philosophies have been featured in prominent publications, including Long-Term Living Magazine, Healthcare Provider Magazine, Science Today Magazine, local news channels, and much more. Freitas serves as the Vice President of Program Development at CERTUS Senior living, LLC, where he oversees memory care philosophy and initiatives throughout the company. Freitas is a Doctoral student at California Institute of Integral Studies where he focuses on Clinical Gerontology and Aging Neuroscience. He has also studied Non-Pharmacological Healthcare, Healthcare Economics at Harvard University, and Music Education and Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music. Freitas holds five certifications related to dementia care and serves on several national advocacy boards for dementia care Recent book publications include: The Dementia Concept & Joining Grandma’s Journey.

Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

Over the last year, the senior industry has changed in many ways. There is a brand new competitor on the horizon that is here to stay for some time. Darleen Mahoney, National Digital Sales Director and Podcast Host will share what that competitor looks like and how to conquer it in creative ways. She will share how you can share the joy and hope that is in senior housing.

Educational Download on Understanding Hemp & It’s Cannabinoids as Your Residents/Patients Use These Products

Brian Dickerson is a healthcare attorney and CEO of Doctor’s Hemp Solutions and will discuss the numerous benefits the hemp plant provides for the wellness of patients and will address any legal concerns for healthcare providers wanting to use or provide hemp products to their patients. He will explain the various products in the market and what you need to know and be aware of to better understand what your patients and residents may be being prescribed.

What is Your Value Proposition as a Small or Large Senior Living Community?

Senior Living is not a one size fits all environment. Let’s examine & compare the varying ways the small to large size operators strive to meet the needs of our senior consumers as they choose senior living options. We are joined by John and Angelett Johnson of the Small Assisted Living Coalition, Inc.

Discover A New Approach to Dementia Intervention with the Botes Memory Method

Caring for your dementia clients in the community or in home may be one of the most challenging experiences you and your team face daily. We are joined by Sira Botes OTR/L CHT CDP the founder of the “Botes Memory Method”. Sira will be sharing a new approach to dementia care and ideas you can use with your staff, clients and residents. She will share how to create opportunities with successful connections and meaningful activity engagements that leads to lasting positive memories and elevates the quality of life for all involved. Join us for a session where we will explore this innovative way of implementing a new way of dementia care. Sira is part of the Concierge Home Care team in Florida.

Everything You Didn’t Know About Social Security

Jump into the deep end  with Liz Odhwani from the Social Security Administration. Liz shares tips on benefits affecting both workers and seniors and how to efficiently connect with local Social Security offices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Assess Older Adults for Depression and Other Mental Health Issues vs. Normal Aging Issues

Darleen Mahoney with is joined by guest panelist, H Kim Treanor. She is the Director of Social Services and Clinical Services at Windmoor Healthcare of Clearwater Florida. She will help share ways to spot the practical signs of mental illness beyond the normal cognitive decline associated with aging. This valuable information will help you better understand when treatment may be needed. We will even deep dive into the various treatment options in an inpatient hospital and outpatient setting.

How to Lead When You’re Feeling Burned Out

What is the difference between leading with positivity and leading with optimism? How does self-care translate to team care? According to the World Health Organization, burnout includes reduced personal efficacy and increased mental distance from your job. In this webinar, senior living leader, James Lee with Bear Wise Consulting, discusses practical methods to increase personal efficacy and feel more connected to your job during high-stress times.

Conquering the Competition: New Strategies for New Times in Senior Living

While the whole world is changing, if you are you are not changing in senior living, you are not growing. Join us on this free educational webinar with our guest panelist, Marc Tumminello from HeartLegacy. We reveal the “new competition” and how to engage with success in 2021. And you might be surprised at what that “new competition” looks like.

Virtual Tour Educational Series, Ep. 1

Join us for tips in best practices for turnkey Virtual Tour solutions in senior housing. The new way to sell lifestyle, features and benefits. This is an educational webinar hosted by and presented by HeartLegacy.

Learning to Adapt to Covid19 with Safer and Mindful Solutions

In this webinar sponsored by and presented by: ABI American Business Interiors, we discuss to create healthy solutions in your communities for the present and in the future. We cover everything from the different types of fabrics that are anti-bacterial, how to properly clean your community, turn key social distancing solutions and design ideas to increase smaller space planning ideas.

Creative Marketing Solutions In These Changing Times Webinar

As the senior housing industry has changed, marketers have learned to pivot in ways that they many never have imagined. We share a variety of different solutions to help you consistently market your communities during Covid19 that will help with new move ins now and in the future.

The Power of Developing Exponential Relationships in Sales

Michael Holtzclaw, a speaker with sales authority in the senior industry, joins Darleen Mahoney with as a guest speaker. He covers lead generation, rapid lead cultivation, steps to building power relationships, scaling relationships and so much more.

Conquering Changes with Confidence and Compassion

Join us as we discuss 3 keys to conquer changes during Covid19 confidently with a winning attitude while being an inspiration in your community or industry. We are joined by Sara Im, an Inspirational Speaker and Award Winning Author who survived the killing fields of Cambodia. Sara brings her own experiences to inspire others specifically with those working to enhance the lives of seniors and their caregivers. Webinars and Podcast represents the opinions and expertise of our guests. The content here is for informational and educational purposes. It does not necessarily represent the views, recommendations, opinions or advice of Fairfax Publishing/ or its employees.

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