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Bathroom Tips When Getting Ready for Retirement

Bathroom Tips When Getting Ready for Retirement woman holding bathroom grab bar for safetyBy Brooke Chaplan

Retirement is just around the corner! That means it’s finally the right time to down your tools of trade and take the back seat as you celebrate the end of a hard-working career. But before that time comes, there’s one thing you should consider- making your home safe and secure for your changing aging needs. One particular place that’s dangerous for seniors is the bathroom. Below are key bathroom tips every senior should consider before retiring to improve safety and maximize independence.

Add Grab Bars

Grab bars make it easier for you to move inside the bathroom without the risk of falling. They can be installed in various places like the toilet, shower, bathtub, and the walls beside it. It can be made of metal or plastic, but the standard is tubular aluminum since it’s easy to clean and install. Just make sure that you use the correct wall anchors and screws before affixing them to the wall.

Install Rubber Flooring

Generally, most bathroom floors are often made with tiles or even marble due to their ease of maintenance and cleaning. Unfortunately, they also come with one major disadvantage, which is the slipperiness. When tile and marble floors get moist, your chances of falling are greatly increased. To prevent this, you can install rubber flooring in your bathroom. They have more traction; hence will give you a much more secure footing while bathing.

Properly Service Your Water Heater

A working water heater is essential for every household. They provide warm, soothing water to bathe with. This not only soothes the muscles but also provides relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. However, without proper servicing, these devices can pose a great danger to users. Considering a professional water heater repair is necessary to ensure your safety while bathing.

Install Lower Hanging Lights

Proper lighting of bathrooms is also crucial to make sure you are safe while bathing. However, if your bathroom has the standard overhead lights, it will only make things difficult when they are burned out and needs replacement. Since it’s unsafe for seniors to reach up high, it’s best to install lower-hanging lights in your bathroom. This way, you can still enjoy adequate lighting without having to worry about falling when changing the bulbs.

Install Walk-In-Tubs

Walk-in-tubs are designed to fit the needs of senior citizens. These tubs have wider entrances and higher rims, making them safer and easier to get into. If you don’t have room for a walk-in tub or simply can’t afford one, you could use a shower chair as an alternative. Shower chairs offer greater stability for seniors and have seat belts to prevent falls.

Final Thoughts

Safety should always be your first thought upon retiring. If you are a lot of planning, you should think of it to guarantee your much-needed safety. One of the sensitive areas is the bathroom, where you are automatically vulnerable. To prevent falls and other accidents, you should have the above-mentioned bathroom tips in your retirement plans.


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