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4 Ways You Can Accommodate Your Home Before Your Aging Parent Moves In

Senior man starting to walk up starirs with assistance from elderly womanCourtesy of Anica Oaks

While we all try to fight it, aging is unfortunately a part of life. When your parents start to have trouble with their daily tasks, it may be time to consider your options. If you have extra room in your home, having them stay with you can be a great solution. Here are four ways that you can prep your home to get ready for your aging parents to move in.

Adapt Your Stairs

Stairs can be a big challenge for the aging population. For this reason, you should evaluate the stairs both in and outside of your home. Develop a plan to make them more accessible to your parents. This could be converting the front steps into a ramp for easy wheelchair or walker access. For second-level steps, having an automatic mobility chair can be a great option as a way to get them up the steps without incident.

Look Into a Shower Upgrade

Tubs are just not a feasible option for many people with mobility issues. For aging people, it can be difficult to maneuver in a tight tub. For this reason, you should consider a tub to shower conversion. These usually allow for more space inside the shower and offer various handles. Some will even include a usable seat so that they can sit down to wash.

Consider Elevated Toilet Seats

It’s very common for those in their older years to have less control when they start to sit down. You’ll see many start and lose control. They end up falling fast into their chair or whatever they’re trying to sit on. You can help to prevent any bathroom problems by installing elevated toilet seats. This allows your parents less space to have to bend to reach the seat. Be sure to include some grab handles next to the toilet as well as an added safety measure.

Widen Out Hallways and Walkways

As your parents get older, they may need the assistance of walking devices. These can include canes, walkers, or even a wheelchair. To prepare for this time, it’s a good idea to widen out hallways and walkways throughout your home. This may mean moving some shelves out of the hallway or pushing the couch further into the corner. Most experts recommend a space of at least 32 inches.

If you’ve made the call to bring your parents to your home for the long-term, then there’s likely a lot on your mind. Apart from moving all of their items and preparing your family on a mental level, there are a lot of things to do. You should consider accommodating your home in the ways described above to ensure they can easily get around.

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