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4 Ways Of Capturing Your Parent’s Memories For Future Generations

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4 Ways Of Capturing Your Parent’s Memories For Future Generations

By Anica Oaks

Since your parents helped to make you the person you are today, you of course want future generations to know just how wonderful they are and how important they have been to your life. While your parents have many wonderful memories and stories of days gone by filling their heads, it’s important to not let those memories die when your parents pass away. To preserve funny stories, stories of struggle and much more, here are four great ways to capture your parent’s memories for future generations.

Interview Your Parents

To begin with, you can put on your reporter’s hat and actually sit down to interview your parents. Believe it or not, chances are they will love having the chance to tell stories of how it was while they were growing up, how much the world has changed during their lives, and much more. By pulling out your smartphone, you can record video interviews that will last a lifetime.

Create a Digital Photo Album

Once you start looking around your home and your parent’s residence at their senior living community, you’ll no doubt find plenty of old photographs from days gone by. If you gather up these photos, you can digitize them and create a digital photo album that will be filled with cherished memories. Since today’s younger generation is more apt to look through a digital album, having this available will have even the youngest of kids spellbound. Many senior living facilities have photo album making activities. If your loved on is in a senior living facility, you can typically review their website for a calendar so you can be there when your parents make the album.

Gather Those Old Recipes

If your mom or even your dad happened to be a great cook, gather together their old family recipes and write them down. In many cases, some of the best recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation have rarely been written down over the years, and are therefore stored in your parent’s minds. Once you start writing down these recipes, it won’t be long before you’ve got enough for a cookbook, which will come to be a cherished possession for future generations.

Build Your Family Tree

Finally, doing genealogy today is easier than ever, thanks to numerous online sites. To capture your parent’s memories, ask them about family members from long ago, and also do some research on your own. Ultimately, you’ll have enough details to create your family tree. Once you do, turn it into a colorful poster and hang it in your home, where it will be a conversation starter for people of all ages.

In choosing to be proactive now about preserving your parent’s memories for future generations, you will always be able to relive wonderful memories about your parents in the years ahead.

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