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4 Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Eyes as You Age

Senior man having his eyes checked by male optometrist

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Healthy eyes and clear vision is a lifelong effort that requires as much attention as the rest of your health maintenance. Maintaining eye health is especially important as you age, when individuals can be more vulnerable to certain eye diseases. However, if you take steps to protect your eyes, you will be more likely to enjoy good vision as you age.

Eat a Healthy Diet

More scientific research is showing how the foods people eat can help or harm their health. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, like colorful fruits and vegetables, provide the elements that help your body combat disease. This benefit also applies to your eye health, with certain foods, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, oily fish and green, leafy vegetables.

Protect Your Eyes from Ultraviolet Rays

The harsh ultraviolet light from the sun can cause damage to delicate receptor cells in the eyes and can increase your risk for cataracts. Keep a pair of sunglasses on hand whenever you are outdoors. A hat with a wide brim can also be used to help keep the bright sun out of your eyes.

Manage Your Health Problems Carefully

Some kinds of medical conditions can have a detrimental effect on vision and eye health. For example, individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes are advised to get more frequent eye exams to prevent damage to delicate blood vessels in the eyes that can occur with high blood sugar levels. High blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, rosacea and liver disorders can also affect your eyes. Ask your doctor if you should take additional measures to protect eye health if you have a medical condition.

Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly

As the years pass, you may find you have more difficulty reading small print or managing glare from night driving. Regular visits to the eye doctor will ensure that you have the right prescription to allow you to see clearly for all your daily activities. In addition, your eyecare professional can help you to manage common eye diseases of aging, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. A variety of therapies, surgical procedures and medications, such as ocular steroids to reduce inflammation and speed healing.

If you care for your eye health along with your general health maintenance, you will be rewarded with clearer vision as you age. By following these measures, you will be able to enjoy your work, hobby and social activities throughout life.


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