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4 Things You Can Do to Make Your Aging Parents’ Home More Safe and Comfortable

Senior woman cooking with a younger womanBy Anica Oaks

Since your parents spent much of their lives making sure you were as safe and comfortable as possible, you of course want to do the same for them as they get older. To do so, you can begin by working with your parents to make a variety of changes to their home, since they want to remain there well into their golden years. If you are trying to decide which changes should be made first, here are four suggestions to get you started.

Install a Walk-In Shower

Since many elderly individuals are seriously injured each year due to falls when they are bathing or showering, installing a walk-in shower will go far in keeping your parents safe. Becoming more and more popular, having a walk-in shower instead of a standard bathtub that requires a step-over entry will make bathing and showering much easier.

Mobility Furniture

While it’s always comfortable to sit down in one’s favorite chair, getting up can be a chore as people age. If you have noticed your parents have a harder time getting up out of a chair after watching TV or just relaxing, it may be time for an electric lift chair. A chair that will gradually rise so that your parents can have a much easier time standing up, it will be well worth the investment to help prevent falls or other accidents.

Replace Doorknobs

As you know, arthritis becomes a problem for many people as they get older. If your parents suffer from arthritis, simple acts such as turning a doorknob may be quite a chore and often painful. To keep them more comfortable and make this task much easier, consider replacing the doorknobs in your parents’ home with lever handles. Thus, rather than having to turn a doorknob, your parents will only have to push down slightly on a lever handle to get a door to open.

Get Rid of Throw Rugs

If either of your parents require the use of a walker to move from room to room inside their home, throw rugs can be both a nuisance and dangerous. Along with making it harder to get from one place to another within their home, your parents can easily have their walker get tangled up within the rug, resulting in a fall that produces serious injuries.

By talking with your parents and involving them in the changes that need to be made to their home, you and your parents can have greater peace of mind.

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