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4 Tech Integrations That Are Changing Senior Living Homes

Senior housing residents at a table drinking tea and playing games and utilizing tech innovations

By Anica Oaks

The right tech integrations can significantly improve one’s quality of life in a senior housing community. The best gadgets can help seniors stay connected with friends and family, keep them safe, and even help with daily reminders. Read on to learn about the top four integrations for individuals living in senior communities.

Call Alert Systems

In a world of smart phones, tablet computers, and iPads, it’s no surprise that senior living communities are finding ways to integrate the best tech. Call alert systems make the most of this type of tech by making it easier than ever for seniors to alert their family or friends of an emergency. This small device, which can easily fit into an elderly person’s handbag or pocket, offers an easy way to initiate a call from anywhere at any time. With tech like this, seniors have immediate access to emergency services whenever they need them.

Automatic Pill Dispensers

Seniors often have trouble remembering what time to take their medication and which pills to take. Without proper management of their medication, seniors can experience serious health issues. With the help of an automatic pill dispenser, one simply fills their prescription bottle with medication and places it in one of these dispensers. Then, based on the frequency you adjust the dispenser settings, the dispenser will release one pill at a time into a separate compartment within its device. This is especially helpful for seniors who are prone to memory loss or have trouble getting around.

Air Quality Monitors

Many seniors live with chronic breathing problems and poor air quality can exacerbate these conditions. Thankfully, certain devices like air quality monitors can help alert medical professionals when the quality of air falls. If your loved one has a particular ailment that requires such a device, be sure to alert the staff at the senior living facility.

Temperature Scanning Kiosks

With the rise of COVID-19, senior homes need technology that helps keep their residents safe as well as screen any incoming visitors. Temperature scanning kiosks help these senior communities do just that. With technology that monitors an individual’s temperature, this type of tech works to alert any staff members to potential COVID-19 cases.


Today’s homes for seniors utilize all types of gadgets to help them stay safe, monitor their medicine, breathe easier, and protect against COVID-19. Use this guide to determine the best ways to use technology to care for the senior citizens in your life.


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