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4 Home Hazards Seniors Should Avoid

Senior man with cane looking out window through blinds

By Brooke Chaplan

Aging in place is a decision that many seniors tend to make, and with the proper plan and help from family members, friends, and home care professionals, it is possible. Although living in their homes can boost their quality of life, the living arrangements can also lead to serious safety risks. To avoid some of the most common home hazards, your elderly loved one should use the safety tips mentioned below.

Poor Lighting

Navigating the home is critical to seniors; they need to access the kitchen, restroom, sitting areas, and various rooms that boost their overall health. However, poor lighting can make it difficult for older adults to move around, especially with age-related problems like declining vision and poor mobility. By installing adequate lighting in the bedrooms, hallways, and other areas of the house, you can improve your loved one’s navigating skills and lower the risk of slips and falls.

Appliance Malfunctions

Cooking healthy meals is necessary, as is lighting in the home, smoke and gas detectors, and other appliances that keep your loved one healthy and safe. However, these tools could also lead to fires and other disasters. Therefore, it is best to monitor the appliances regularly and repair or replace the items as necessary to keep them working correctly and lower the odds of fires.


Excessive piles of clothing, storage boxes, and other unused items could be in the way of the stairs, doorways, and pathways your senior parent frequents throughout the day. Even with the best vision and bone health, the clutter can make it difficult for your loved one to move from room-to-room, and increase the risk of severe accidents. Keep in mind that a fall could cause oral health problems, such as broken or chipped teeth, as well as poor circulation, a heart attack, or stroke. If you cannot help your loved one with everyday duties like cleaning, cooking, and medication management, it would be best to hire professional caregivers. They can come in a few hours or days during the week to help with various tasks, including removing clutter.

Throw Rugs

These items can make the home look appealing, but the safety hazards can lead to falls, broken bones, head trauma, and more. Instead of placing traditional throw rugs inside the home, it would be best to use non-stick mats. These mats can give the house a little more pizzazz without causing your loved one to bump into the walls and furniture. In addition, you should look into non-stick socks and slippers your elderly loved ones can wear around the home to boost their mobility and self-confidence.

In conclusion, identifying hazards in a home will allow your loved one to remain safe for a long time. While aging in place does require some adjustments, providing assistance when needed will ensure that your senior can remain healthy while enjoying the familiarity of their home.


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