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3 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Get Tested for Prostate Cancer

Senior man with beard getting tested for prostate cancer talking with male medical professional

By Anica Oaks

In many cases, the doctor’s office is one of the last places people want to go. After all, health is wealth. When a person gets news about a health issue, they know it can impact their entire life in a way that money can’t fix. Thankfully, early detection, awareness, and preventative measures help to keep issues at bay. Testing is one of the most pivotal actions to take. So when your loved one hasn’t gotten tested for prostate cancer yet, you’ll want to implement the following three tips in order to get the ball rolling.

Get Informed about the Process

Take advantage of the many ways you and your loved one can learn about prostate cancer testing. For starters, speak to your physician to gather information. Then, it’s okay to search around for personal testimonials and experiences. There are plenty of celebrities who maintain social media platforms to discuss and bring awareness to important issues such as prostate cancer. Do a search on a platform like YouTube or Facebook to find like-minded men who share their experiences.

Hold Your Loved One’s Hand

You don’t have to physically hold your loved one’s hand. However, you can do so from an emotional perspective. By showing up for them in the form of emotional support and patience, your presence can do wonders for someone who is genuinely scared and concerned about the process of prostate cancer testing.

Incentivize the Day

When your loved one schedules their testing appointment, consider taking the day off to go with them. Then, incentivize the day by scheduling a trip to their favorite restaurant, a relaxing massage at a local spa, or fun activity for the two of you to enjoy. By creating a positive memory on the same day, it might become easier for your loved one to associate doctor’s visits with pleasurable experiences. Whether it’s a coffee date, a trip to the mall or tickets to see the latest movie, find ways to create fun experiences on the same day. Make sure you plan the experiences after the testing appointment.

As you include these tips in your effort to change your loved one’s mind about the doctor, know that it requires a mindset shift. If your loved one can learn to look at the doctor as the one who’s on their team, it’s much easier to face the realities that come with potential outcomes. It’s better to know and face the issue rather than remain in the dark.


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