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3 Things to Look For When Evaluating Senior Living Communities for Your Loved One

Senior woman in gray sweater seated and using a magnifying glass to readBy Anica Oaks

When Evaluating Senior Living Communities for your loved one, it’s essential to know what to look for. Here are three things to keep in mind during your search.

Keep these things in mind when visiting different communities and speaking with staff. With some research, you’ll be able to find the perfect place for your loved one to live comfortably and happily.

Are the staff kind, caring, and attentive to the needs of the residents?

When selecting a senior living community for your loved one, it’s essential to the physical environment and the people responsible for providing the care. The staff in any community significantly influences how comfortable and safe the residents may feel. Ask if you can meet with staff members and watch them interact with the current residents—are they kind, caring, and attentive to their immediate needs? Asking questions and researching online reviews from family members and previous residents is essential. Ensuring your loved one is treated with respect and dignity will be a priority, so consider these important factors when looking at communities.

Is the community clean, well-maintained, and comfortable for the residents?

When evaluating senior living communities for a loved one, it’s essential to pay attention to specific details. Specifically, is the community clean, well-maintained, and comfortable? Make sure to take a good look around while you’re visiting – check the common areas, such as the lobby and dining room, if available; tour several of the living spaces; observe other residents’ interactions with each other and with staff members; and ask any questions that come to mind. By carefully scrutinizing the facilities, you can determine whether they provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for your loved one. Please research and trust your instincts about which community is best for them!

The activities – are there plenty of activities available for the residents to enjoy and stay mentally and physically active?

When evaluating senior living communities, activities taking place in the residence should be at the forefront of your search. An active lifestyle is paramount to elderly individuals maintaining an excellent quality of life and living as independently as possible. Sweeping daily activities such as gardening classes and exercise programs to more leisurely social experiences, like art classes and board games, enhanced with community outings, are all essential aspects of good care for senior living. Try to understand how the community supports its residents’ wellness goals, tailored to their tastes. Doing so will ensure that your loved one remains happy and has plenty of choices throughout their stay!


When looking for a senior living community like Home Inspired Senior Living for your loved one, it’s essential to keep these three factors in mind: the staff, the facilities, and the activities. Make sure to tour several different communities and ask plenty of questions to make an informed decision about which one will be the best fit for your loved one.


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