In consideration of the rate advantages offered, it is agreed by the Advertiser to place an advertisement listing on the website for a minimum of six (6) consecutive months at the monthly rate of $50.00 (Basic), $75.00 (Premium) or $100 (Featured) or for twelve (12) consecutive months at the monthly rate of $42.50 (Basic), $63.75 (Premium) or $85.00 (Featured).

This membership agreement is for contracted cyberspace advertising only, additional option charges may apply regarding: ad design, composition, typesetting, artwork creation and/or manipulation, photography, etc.. These additional options will be billed at Publishers prevailing rates. In the event Advertiser wishes to change cyberspace ad, content or artwork, Advertiser must provide the changes in written form and Advertiser agrees to pay additional production charges.

In the event that the Advertiser has copy, design or photography changes, it is the Advertiser's responsiblity to notify Publisher of such changes at least two (2) business days before the advertisement is to be published online.

Cancellation will not be accepted prior to agreement expiration. This agreement will be automatically renewed unless written notice is given by either party within thirty (30) days prior to fulfillment of original agreement. This agreement is between Advertiser and Publisher, and change of ownership, name, management or operation, of Advertiser or Publisher shall not dissolve contract obligations herein this membership agreement.

All rates are net cash with order except where credit has been approved by Publisher. Where credit has been extended invoices are payable on terms stipulated.

Publisher will invoice contract Advertiser on a monthly or cash basis depended on financial condition. Accounts one (1) month or more past due shall bear interest of 18% per annum. In the event it becomes necessary to enforce terms of this agreement through legal action, including but not limited to collection of delinquent accounts, Advertiser agrees to pay all costs of such legal action including reasonable attorneys fees.

It is expressly understood and agreed:
The Publisher reserves the right to cancel cyberspace advertising at any time upon default by the Advertiser in the payment of invoices, or in the event of any persistent violations on the part of the Advertiser of any conditions herein named, and upon such cancellation all advertising published there under and unpaid shall become immediately due and payable.

The Advertiser agrees that all artwork, copy and photographs not supplied by Advertiser and produced by the Publisher herein are the property of Fairfax Publishing Company Inc. and Fairfax Publishing Company Inc. will not publish explicit or inappropriate material online and they reserve the right to deem what is justifiably inappropriate for their publication.

Verbal changes or modifications to this agreement or the conditions within will not be recognized.
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