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What is the difference in a Family Care Home and an Assisted Living Community?

The main difference is by level of care, staffing requirements and size of community. Assisted living is not really medically oriented. It is designed to provide assistance with daily tasks like dressing, cleaning, bathroom, etc. Some facilities have a no-dementia policy and some are licensed to care for Alzheimers patients.

There are not strict requirements for nursing or LVNs on staff, and most do not require full-time nurses. Most use med-techs for medication management. The patients in assisted living are mostly all long-term and there can be (with the right place) a more familial environment.

Family Care Home residents may need help with almost all of their ADLs, there are obviously a wide range of patients and they all need different levels of care. Assisted living facilities have criteria or certain things that people have to be able to do on their own in order to live in the facility. They can usually get around pretty well, get themselves ready, feed themselves, etc. and just need minimal assistance or even simply need the assurance of knowing that help is nearby in case they do need something even if they are basically self-sufficient.  A Family Care Home is more custom designed with the resident’s needs covered. Bright Horizon Front

The Bright Horizon Senior Care Home serves as a small assisted living facility in  North Raleigh to promote health and  quality of life for seniors.

This facility serves only six residents at a time.  This allows us to focus on  the unique and individual needs of our clients.

Our highly skilled providers implement a person centered approach which is built upon the individual’s ability to participate in activities and honors the individual’s choices, strengths, and needs.

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