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Wal Mart Wine

Wal-Mart announced that, sometime in 2010, it will begin offering customers a new discount item - Wal-Mart™s own brand of wine. The world's largest retail chain is teaming up with Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery of California to produce the spirits at an affordable price, in the $2 - $5 range.

Wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to put a bottle of Walmart brand into their shopping carts, but "there is a market for inexpensive wine," said Kathy Micken, professor of marketing at the University of Arkansas .

"But the right name is important."

Customer surveys were conducted to determine the most attractive name for the Walmart wine brand.

The top surveyed names in order of popularity were:

10. Chateau Traileur Parc
  9. White Trashfindel
  8. Big Red Gulp
  7. World Championship Riesling
  6. NASCARbernet
  5. Chef Boyardeaux
  4. Peanut Noir
  3. I Can't Believe it's not Vinegar
  2. Grape Expectations
  1. Nasti Spumante

The beauty of Walmart wine is that it can be served with either white meat (Possum) or red meat (Squirrel).





















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March 2010

Learning to Love Again
By Tracy Willard, Publisher of the Triad Edition & SeniorStyle Contributor

Losing a loved one, whether through unexpected or anticipated circumstances, is always a traumatic event. This is especially true when it is the death of a spouse. No one can ever be prepared enough for the confounding pain and sadness that a newly widowed spouse feels. Learning to adjust to a new identity as a widow or widower after years of identifying with being a wife or husband can be devastating in its own right. Now, during such an upsetting and hurtful time, comes a rush of urgent questions and decisions that can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Firstly, give yourself time to mourn. Men and women both need to give themselves the time they need to mourn and realize that it is expected and acceptable. No one grieves at the same pace or in the same manner. Experiencing a wide range of emotions from shock, to numbness, to anger to yearning to denial is normal. But denying yourself time to grieve simply prolongs the pain and you will find that it will not go away until you acknowledge and deal with your loss and this takes effort.

Unfortunately, there are many financial and legal decisions that have to be made but, some of them more urgent than others. Managing money matters can be of the least importance to you at this moment, but frankly, decisions you make at this time will greatly affect your future. Decide what issues need to be dealt with immediately and which ones can be put off until a later date.

In your own time and in your own way, you can say goodbye. Try not to allow memories to keep you from living in the present. Even though it might be hard to imagine at the beginning, the point will come during the grieving process when you will be ready to try to say goodbye.

By finding ways to keep busy or pursue interests that you may not have had time for previously, you can help to adjust to your new role in life. Consider taking on a part time job, taking continuing education courses or find volunteer opportunities that are a good fit for your needs and interests. Getting involved is a great way to serve your community, make new friends and give you back a sense of purpose. In time, you may even learn to love again.

Often well-meaning relatives and friends may begin to ask if you are ever going to date again. If you do find yourself wanting to find companionship after the loss of a spouse, where should you start? How much time should you wait? How have the rules of dating changed?

The rules for seniors dating aren’t dramatically different from that of young adults. Hopefully through life experiences you have learned what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a relationship. Even if it has been decades since you last went on a date, always remember to stay calm. Don’t consider meeting someone a make it or break it situation or an interview for a soul mate.

Keep it simple. Meet for coffee and small talk. Pick a fun activity that will encourage conversation, such as a trip to the zoo or at a bustling diner. You may even choose to go on a group outing with a seniors group at church or in the community, especially if you are shy. Take things slowly. If you are having second thoughts or it seems too soon, it’s okay to take a break and wait longer.

Even though there might be those friends and family that are ready to see you start dating again, some family members might have issue with your new potential relationships for whatever reasons. If you are really dedicated to meeting someone new, stand your ground and let interfering family members know that you are entitled to date again at 50, 60, 70 and beyond.

Why Wait? It's Time To Cruise!
Submitted by Diane DuFour, Publisher of the Charlotte, NC Senior Living Guide & SeniorStyle Contributor

Written By Aaron Mase

Cruising today is nothing like it was years ago. When cruise lines and travel agents advertise that there is something for everyone, they are quite accurate in their assessment. The saying that a cruise ship is a floating hotel has been replaced with the phraseology that a cruise ship is your floating resort. Cruise ships are now designed as a destination unto themselves.

Cruise ships have not only grown in size over the years, but they have grown in onboard features, offerings ashore, and they have pushed the envelope in onboard amenities as each cruise line endeavors to have the next “must see”. If you have never taken a cruise or have not kept current with the cruise industry, the latest innovations are to attract more passengers and to keep passengers entertained while on board.

Cruise ships now have so many onboard features that you don’t really need to go ashore if that is your desire. Cruise ships have water parks, lawns (yes with real grass and onboard Groundskeepers), parks with a variety of trees and other plant life, rock climbing walls, zip-lining (yes we are still onboard a ship), flow riders - aka surfing machines, merry-go-rounds, ice skating, glass blowing demonstrations, pottery classes, bowling, water coasters (coming soon on a new Disney ship), boxing, and bocce ball on the lawn just to name a few activities. If you prefer a more laid back approach, that is not a problem. There are so many onboard activities to keep you entertained you can choose how active you want to be. You can attend a cooking demonstration, learn to play bridge, attend lectures, go to a Vegas style show, listen to the band, see a magician, or relax on your balcony. The choice is really yours and all you have to do is decide the cruise vacation you want to experience and pick the cruise line or cruise ship that fits your lifestyle.

There are cruise lines that fit every style from active and adventure to laid back and leisure. The best part is that your life style choice does not limit where you can cruise. Cruise lines position ships all over the world so their passengers have a multitude of choices. The cruise lines not only design their ships to offer multiple options to please everyone, they also position their ships so that you can experience the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, the Far East, and around the world. Your options are almost endless and sometimes the best place to start is to decide what part of the world you want to cruise.

The Caribbean is the most popular and will offer the most choices among cruise lines. Europe is rapidly expanding and cruise lines are now positioning ships year round in the area. Alaskan cruises are still a popular summer-time destination. Cruise lines are also expanding to South America and Asia as they market their brand to new demographics to allow you more choices in your cruising vacation. Once you choose the destination you would like to visit and explore, you will want to find a ship that fits your needs.

If you want the more laid back approach – you can do that on any ship; however, there are cruise lines known for the more conservative, laid back lifestyle. If you want to experience a lot of adventure, there are cruise lines that specialize in this. What if you want a little of both? That option is also available. A cruise agent or a well-versed travel agent will be able to identify your specific needs and match you with just the right cruise line and cruise ship. Don’t forget in your decision process to consider what size of ship you would be comfortable sailing on.

In deciding on ship choice, I will state the obvious: the larger the ship, the more passengers, but there will be more onboard activities for you to choose. You can cruise on ships with 6,000+ passengers or you can cruise on ships with 50 passengers. Again, remember that the larger the ship, the more onboard features. Cruise lines are building bigger ships as new technologies are discovered. These larger ships also allow the cruise lines to experiment with new innovations as they have more room to design more features for their passengers. My favorite size ship is the mid-sized ships that carry approximately 2,500 passengers. In choosing that first cruise or your next cruise, consider the size of ship along with your destination and your lifestyle.

Once you have made your decision, talk to an agent to choose your best fit. Quite often you can compare the same exact cruise itinerary on different size ships within the same cruise line. You can also compare the same itinerary among differing cruise lines. Doing this comparison among cruise lines and within a cruise line will allow you to find the best price for the cruise you desire. Cruising is still an affordable vacation with cruise lines offering some of their best promotions during January – March when snowbound northerners want to escape from the cold. You can also find some great deals in early fall when hurricane season is reaching its peak and the kids are back in school. Naturally, the summer months do command higher pricing as families take their vacations while the children are out of school. If you have the option of sailing any time of year, your options for finding the right cruise for you have just increased.

A cruise is for anyone of any age and any lifestyle. If you have never cruised before, there is no need to wait. If you have cruised before, there is no need to wait to cruise again. For those first-time cruisers there is a guidebook I wrote that will help you navigate the whole cruising process. Cruising is a little more involved than just going to a hotel for a week. This book helps you understand the cruising process from beginning to end. The book has a chapter listing all the things you can do on a ship. There is a follow up chapter listing all the things you can do when your ship is in port. I even included a packing list that I keep adding to every time I take a cruise. The book is called Beginner’s Guide to Cruising and is available at My website was developed as a supplement to the book where cruisers of all experience can enjoy and benefit. You can find cruise reviews, cruise news, cruise tips, and other features to help make your cruise more enjoyable. The website is The website is still in its infancy and growing. I hope to feature a cruise related article each month at Senior Living Guide. I hope to see you on a cruise very soon.


Stuck In The Weight Cycle
Submitted by Karla Anderson, SeniorStyle Contributor & Triangle NC Publisher of Senior Living Guide.

Many of us have looked in the mirror at one time or another and decided it’s time to shed extra pounds. Maybe then you started a popular new diet or exercised for hours each day. However, if you’re like many people, your commitment to such drastic change waned — and eventually the weight crept up again.

Some people can get caught in this pattern of losing weight and regaining it — called weight cycling. It can be caused by losing weight too quickly. It also can be caused by a diet that’s too strict, too expensive or too limited — making it difficult to stick with long term.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get out of the cycle and learn the secrets of lasting weight loss. Doing so is important for more reasons that just being able to wear your favorite jeans. Some studies suggest that this pattern is linked to health issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and gallbladder disease. It may also be related to depression and poor self-esteem.

Breaking the cycle
Understanding why you might be caught in a weight cycle may be the first step to make lasting changes. People who weight cycle often don’t participate in regular physical activity, for example. Some people also may have unhealthful eating habits, such as binging.

Talk with your doctor about healthful weight-loss strategies. He or she may suggest dropping pounds more slowly — gradual weight loss is easier to sustain in the long term. These tips also may help:

Put it in writing. A contract with yourself is a great way to show your commitment, assess where you are and set goals. Place it where you’ll see it every day.

Be realistic. Plan to lose no more than 2 pounds a week, a rate considered safe by most experts. Remember: Perfection isn’t practical — nor possible. You’ll have occasional setbacks. That’s OK — forgive yourself and get back on track.

Build a bond. Good relationships can help you through the tough times. Try to surround yourself with friends and family who are supportive. Or, find others who share your goals and can help keep you on track.

See the big picture. A healthful weight can help reduce your risk of many chronic conditions. This may include heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. To help yourself stay motivated, make a list of the reasons you want to lose and review it often.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be extreme to be effective. Losing just 5 to 10 percent of your weight — that’s 10 to 20 pounds for a 200-pound person — can improve blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. These are big reasons to make lasting changes toward a healthier life and abandon the weight cycle for good.

Beyond the pounds: Other important numbers
Find a wealth of resources at®. Click “Health & Wellness,” then “Tools” to find calculators for a healthful weight range, body mass index and calories burned.

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